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Belcord Kft.
Telefon: +36-36-320-037, +36-36-410-769
Fax: +36-36-320-037
Mobil: +36-30-9385-850

Short introduction of the company

Belcord Ltd was founded in 1979 as a motor re-haul workshop. After continous development, in 1985 the production of piston rings started, followed by that of cylinder bushings and pistons. We manufacture the raw moulds in our own foundry at our disposal, We carry out the examination of the material of the parts with SPECTROCAST spectometer, while the production procedures take place according to the rigorous requirements of the company.

Our company does engine re-haul even today as this way we can continously check, develop and perfect our products.

Our three main product types are:

  • Piston rings
  • Cylinder bushings
  • Pistons

Belkovics László

Production methods

The production of pistons

After being melted, the basic materials are poured into the casting mould. After this, heat treatment and aging are carried out on the raw mould. The pistons are produced in different versions: for benzine, diesel and two-stroke benzine engines. The pistons are sold after they have been produced to size and provided with on-request surface treatment.

The production of piston rings and cylinder bushings

The basic material is produced through centrifugal moulding. During production, the piston rings are provided with a hard chromium surface, then at the end of the production procedure, the ring is surface-treated.

The piston rings are produced in different versions: compression, oil-drawer, oil-penetrabe, between diameter sizes 38 mm and 485 mm.

Cylinder bushings are produced in different versions: dry and wet bushings. Upon request, during production, they can also be honed for the interior size.


Belcord Kft.


H-3300 Eger, Galagonyás u. 52.

Tel/fax: +36-36-320-037

Tel: +36-36-410-769

Tel: +36-30-9385-850

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